Snow Days

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With another winter comes inclement weather, which in some cases can lead to snow days. Howell  saw snow days on Nov. 15, Jan. 14, Jan. 30, and Jan. 31. School will be out for summer on Wednesday, May 22.  

When Central Office calls off school,  students react differently.

“I was joyful, happy, and relieved about the snow day because I’d get to sleep in,” freshman Jamie Saylor said.  

“Thank god,” sophomore Natalie Althof said.  “I typically have an assignment due, and it was such a relief to not to have it done the next day.”

Students used  snow days to catch up on assignments, and study for upcoming tests, and take care of younger siblings and do other things around the house.  

Snow days do cut into summer break.

“It’s nice  to have a break that wasn’t expected, even if we have to make up for it later on,” Althof said.

The snow days meant  AP students could sit for exams.

“It’s nice to have an extra day to study and some pressure is relieved. However, the snow days result in students in AP classes having to take more final exams; the AP tests were originally scheduled so that we would take them instead of another final exam,” Althof said.

During the 2013-2014 year, Howell used eight snow days.  

“I was stuck on a bus for more than six hours during the ice storm in eighth grade, so this year didn’t seem quite as bad. There was just so much snow! But thankfully not quite as much ice,” Althof said.  


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