“Aubrey & the Three Migos” Review

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“Aubrey & the Three Migos” Review

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A great night of musicality and a show-stopping performance was in store from the first minute Drake hit the floor during his Aubrey and the Three Migos tour.

The Aubrey and the Three Migos tour kicked off an extended leg of the tour in St. Louis Saturday, Nov. 10. The show featured rapper Aubrey Graham who goes by stage name Drake, rap group the Migos, and R&B singer Roy Woods. The concert was filled with an array of light shows, fireworks, and lots of loud music.

The show opened with Woods performing a variety of songs including his hit “Say Less.” His tone and vocal ability were impressive, but his performance standard was majorly lacking. Woods gave a lackluster performance, with little to no crowd interaction and only a marginal amount of energy. It seemed as though Woods would rather be anywhere else, and his sad excuse of a performance reflected that.

The concert excitement was quick to die down in between acts and caused an awkward lull in the space between performers. While scheduled to come out at 8 p.m, the rap trio Migos didn’t come to stage until 8:50 p.m. Following almost an hour and a half after Woods had exited, the adrenaline and excitement from the crowd had completely died down to a mere fizzle.

Finally, gracing the crowd with their appearance, Migos gave an enticing performance with an action-packed set of their hits. The stage was set in the center of the venue giving the rappers the perfect opportunity to interact with the whole crowd at once. The only issue Migos possessed, besides their obvious tardiness, was their performance ability.

Migos seemed to struggle with crowd interaction even though they were offered every opportunity. At a slew of times, it seemed the rap group was almost inconvenienced to be on stage, demonstrated by the bored attitude they presented.

Overall, they gave a performance that showcased more autotune than ability. Concert goers should have saved their cash if coming just to see Migos, who ultimately left the crowd unsatisfied.

After a short intermission, a sheer curtain dropped from the ceiling of the Enterprise Center, enclosing the stage from the crowd, and Drake finally appeared from underneath the stage to a stadium full of screaming fans.

Drake had an uncanny ability to make fans feel like they were being solely entertained and as though he was there purely for them. The rapper had a special talent to isolate a portion of the audience and completely captivate them before continuing on to the next in such a fluid manner.

A lively performance ensued from the minute his first note was played. An encouraging crowd was attentive to every move the rapper made, obliging to every command he’d rattle off.

An array of his most popular songs including “Free Smoke,” “Trophies,” “All Me,” “Nice for What,” “Back to Back,” and “In My Feelings.”  The continuous lineup of chart-toppers created a nonstop hype and energy for the entirety of Drake’s set. He was an artist that did not disappoint, and Drake had a stage presence unlike any other. Captivating and alluring, the rapper was able to entice the crowd with his animated performance.

Drake has talent that was showcased flawlessly and his pure ability to entertain was an enjoyment to watch.

If one was looking to see Drake in concert, there was no better opportunity than at Aubrey and the Three Migos tour. Drake left the audience craving an encore and high on adrenaline with his thrilling ability to execute art in its purest form.


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