Wicked Greenz Review

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Calling all fresh food fanatics: there’s a hotspot for healthy and delicious food in the area.

Wicked Greenz, a local chain of restaurants of chef-crafted eats, opened a new location on Highway K this past winter. This is the chain’s second location; the other restaurant is located in Clayton, with another being planned to be built in Maryland Heights.

Wicked Greenz is not hard to miss along Highway K- its sleek, modern building is easily recognizable among an array of other fast food restaurants along the highway.

Not only is the restaurant unique on the outside, but it flaunts an industrial-yet-relaxed and natural atmosphere on the inside. The building allows plenty of natural light in thanks to its large skylight windows and is decked out with large chalkboards posted on rustic wooden walls and furnished with greenery; the surroundings feel almost as natural as your freshly-made wrap or salad.

Although Wicked Greenz has an impressive interior, its menu could use some improvement; prices are much higher than other food places like McDonald’s or Arby’s right down the road. One salad or wrap off of the menu is a hefty seven dollars, with two extra dollars tacked on if you want some kind of protein- and that doesn’t even include a drink. Although prices are a bit high compared to other places in the area, you get what you pay for: quick, fresh, and vegan-friendly food.

Wicked Greenz offers a new take on fast, good food, and it’s menu includes many different food options that are not as common in the area. All in all, Wicked Greenz is definitely a place to try out on your next lunch break.

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