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The Students News Site of Francis Howell High School

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The Students News Site of Francis Howell High School

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Spirit Week at a Glance

After Monday’s pajama day, students were more than excited to kick off the rest of their homecoming week.

Tuesday: Salad Dressing Wars–

The cafeteria is a sea of blue, cowboys and girls, beachgoers, togas, and even a shark. Today was the salad dressing wars, where each of the grades was a different kind of salad. Freshman was blue cheese, so they were blue out; sophomore were ranch, so they had western; juniors were thousand island, which was beach theme; and seniors wore togas.

“I did it because it’s my senior year. It’s important to participate and make an impression,” senior Bri Bertubin said.

Among some of more unique outfits was junior Holly Anderson wearing a shark costume for beach day.

“I was telling a friend on my soccer team and she suggested it. The costume belongs to a friend of her,” Anderson said.



Wednesday: All We Do is “Wins”day–

There were plenty of boys in skirts for “All We Do Is Wins’day.” Some people wore their own team  jersey or jerseys from professional teams, as well as club t-shirts, but as tradition the day of the powder puff the seniors boys dress as cheerleaders and the girls wear the jersey color of their respective grade. Freshman are black, sophomores wear yellow, juniors wear white, and senior are blue.

While some are just playing for the first time, others are continuing a tradition.

“I wasn’t going to do it this year, but my twin made me. We’ve done it together for the past three years,” senior Lexi Edelstein said. “I don’t really like playing. Every year I go to the practices, and then I only play one play, and I don’t know what’s going on. This year I’m just going to sit on the sidelines the whole time.”




Thursday: Throwback Thursday–

Groovy, rad, and psychadelic were words being thrown around on Throwback Thursday. Students were dressed as everything from flappers to 50s greasers to 80s kids in neon windbreakers.

“I dressed up because my mom had a bunch of ‘80s clothes and they were really cute,” junior Brandice Atherton.

Friday is the last chance to dress up for spirit week, with blue and gold day. Homecoming football is also Friday against Howell Central. Kickoff is at seven.


Story by: Gabriela Gable