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Morning announcements move to the internet

Announcements over the intercom used to be the main way of getting information out to students . New uses of technology have begun to take over that role. This new system has some clubs suffering, yet others are doing just fine.

With it being Key Club’s inaugural year, getting the club established is a high priority. But, because they are a smaller club and the school is no longer reading announcements over the intercom, the club says they’re having trouble getting their information to students.

“Announcements have definitely affected us as a club. There is only so much you can do by word of mouth,” senior Gabby Brooks said. “So, I think that bringing back intercom announcements would help our club, or if that is out of the question, then I think it would be nice if teachers could put the announcements up on their smart boards in the morning.”

On the other hand, the larger clubs are not suffering. Most of them have found many efficient ways to get out information about their club.

“For FBLA it hasn’t been that big of a change without having intercom announcements because we are able to communicate over e-mail. Since FBLA  is a larger club, with almost 400 members, the information seems to travel and get to members quickly,” senior Samm Melton said. “It also helps that every member is required to be in a business class, so most of the information is given out through class time also.”

Even some smaller clubs, such as Chemistry Club, have come up with announcement alternatives, yet admit that it is no replacement for intercom announcements.

“Our club made a Facebook group which helps us out, but in high school some kids have a lot going on and need to be reminded as much as possible or they will forget about something like a meeting after school,” senior Keith Weigert said. 

The administration says there are two main reasons for making the change in the format of announcement communication.

“First, the decision was to maximize instructional time. Secondly, based on feedback from students and staff, many people claimed to not pay attention to the announcements as they were read over the intercom,” Principal Chris Greiner said.

Greiner says that there are many alternative ways of getting announcements out that have been put into action.

“Announcements are posted daily to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, we’ve recently purchased a projector and screen in the commons where announcements will run daily.  Finally, anyone can sign up to receive our announcements via email from the districts E-News service,” Greiner said.

Even with all of the alternatives  for announcements, some students feel that adjustments are still needed.

“If administration does not bring back announcements over the intercom, then they should at least slow down the power point containing the announcements in the commons. I try to read those during my lunch, but they move way too quickly for me to even read,” sophomore Alyssa Voelkle said.