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The Students News Site of Francis Howell High School

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Students Volunteer Instead of Work

Would you ever do a job for free? Senior David Klingemann is someone that does.

“I couldn’t find a job,” Klingemann. “ So I started volunteering.”

Klingemann volunteers at St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center. The center is a full service animal shelter where workers protect animals, educate animal owners, and have animals up for adoption.

“It’s really fun to interact with the animals. I’ve been volunteering there for 10 weeks,” Klingemann said.

Although Klingemann doesn’t get paid for his work at the Pet Adoption Center, he thinks his work is rewarding.

“In paid jobs you have to do what you are required to do, but when you volunteer you can have more freedom and you can do what is needed. In a way, it gets rid of stress,” Klingemann said.

Senior Emily Halliday is another student that does volunteer work.

“I am part of the A+ program and I have to do 50 hours of volunteer tutoring,” Halliday said.

Last year Halliday worked 10 hour days during fall break at the elementary school .

“At the vacation station I got to interact with the children,” Halliday said. “I did arts and crafts with them and played board games.”

Halliday is going to work for two days this fall break but believes the long days will pay off.

“Although the days are long it’s fun being with the kids,” Halliday said. “You get free college and that’s great!”

Senior Rachelle Halbrooke volunteers with members of her church.

“We go on one big mission trip a year to Columbia, MO and a couple of smaller ones throughout the year.” Halbrooke said.

Along with other members of her church, Halbrooke volunteers at the food bank, helps with vacation Bible school program for children, and rakes leaves for community members.

“It makes you feel good about yourself and you appreciate what you have by seeing that other people have less,” Halbrooke said.

Senior Lauren Galbierz also volunteers at her church. Since sixth grade, she has served each Sunday at the nursery, caring for infants up to 3-months old.

“I enjoy the relationships I have built with the children’s parents,” Galbierz said. “It’s fun seeing how much they change over the years!”

Last year Galbierz also volunteered at the Crisis Nursery in St. Charles twice a week.

“Serving there was one of the most difficult things I have ever done,” Galbierz said, “Also one of the most rewarding.”

The Crisis Nursery is a safe place where parents can take their children and have 24 hour safety while they are going through a crisis. The purpose of the nursery is to prevent child abuse and neglect.

“It just broke my heart to hear the things the children had gone through at such a young age,” Galbierz said. “But the hardest part was the goodbyes since most of the time you never see the children again.”

Galbierz has a lot of faith and that is what motivates her to serve.

“I have been loved by Jesus and therefore share that love with others,” Galbierz said. “If I touch just one person when I volunteer, then it’s all worth it!”

Written by: Mayra Garcia