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Sports Injuries Effect Variety of Students

“It was scary but it wasn’t too bad.”Sophomore Miranda Gater described being hit in the eye with her rifle during color guard. She was blind in her left eye for two days.“I was doing a double parallel rifle-toss and the rifle angled downwards, and hit me in the eye,” Gater said “I couldn’t see for two days.”

Gater gained her sight back by keeping ice on her eye, and she continues to do the thing she loves, color guard.

“I just had to ice it,” Gater said.

Another case of a sport-related injury was senior Britney Jostes. Jostes used to play soccer, but now only plays golf.

“I broke my leg playing soccer last winter,” Jostes said. “I had two casts over winter and a boot. I only have a boot this time.”

Jostes had to take the first week of the golf season off but has now been released to take the boot off to play.

“It did effect how I played golf in the beginning because it was still hurting but now I’m fine,” Jostes said.  “I had to sit out the first week, now the doctor released me to take the boot off to play.”

Junior Mary Kahle sprained her ankle playing softball over summer, but kept playing on it and didn’t let it heal correctly. After she sprained it again she decided she best let it heal before continuing to play.

Kahle said it didn’t affect any scholarships, but she doesn’t play on the high school team anymore. She only plays summer-ball now.

“Well it only affected me during high school,” Kahle said, “So I can still play summer-ball which gets you more scholarships.”

Junior Roger Beilman’s BMX injury affected him forever. If Beilman wasn’t wearing a helmet Sept. 12, 2009, would have been his last day.

“I remember rolling around on the ground, getting up and falling back down, and being taken away in an ambulance,” Beilman said. “I broke two ribs, three vertebraes,  I fractured my collarbone, dislocated my shoulder, I got whiplash, a concussion, I punctured my lung and I crushed a knuckle.”

Beilman said took an entire year off of BMX and he said he had to have many casts and braces.

“I had to wear a back brace, a cast on my hand and a neck brace. I had to take off an entire year,” Beilman said

Beilman only slightly suffers from this injury today, but it will stick in his mind forever.

“It will definitely stay in my mind,” Beilman said.

Written by: Olivia Beilman