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Boys Varsity Soccer Falls to Washington


It was 66 degrees and windy as the boys’ varsity soccer team took on the Washington Blue Jays, Sept. 29. The Vikings had a record of 10-2-0 and the Blue Jays were 4-11-0.

Five minutes and 13 seconds into the game, senior Tyler Schrader scored an unassisted goal for the Blue Jays.

“We gave up a goal early and Washington went into a defensive shell,” assistant coach Tim Jennings said.

The Vikings had control of the ball a majority of the game. They had countless attempts and shots, but nothing hit the net until there was 5:59 left in the game. Junior Jordan Stephens passed to sophomore Keegan McHugh, who scored the goal to tie the game at 1-1.

The game continued into two 10 minute sudden death over times but at the end of each the score remained tied.

“We need to play with a higher level of intensity for the entire game,” Jennings said.

The game went on to a shoot out, the first three shooters for the Vikings were junior Michael Timmerman, McHugh, and senior Michael Holems. Timmerman and McHugh made their shots.

The Blue Jays shooters were Schrader, senior Patrick Moore, and freshman Justin Schuttenberg. Moore and Schuttenberg made their shots. Once again the game remained tied.

“Since we were very successful at the beginning of this year, every team we face is giving us their best,” Jennings said.

Next up for the Vikings was freshman Brett Freesmeier, who missed. For the Blue Jays senior Jake Reeves made his shot. Vikings sent up Stephens who made the goal.

If the Blue Jays missed the next shot then the shots would continue on, but they didn’t. Junior Alex Becszlko made his shot that brought the final score to 2-1 Blue Jays.

“Just goes to show you, anyone can win on any given day,” Jennings said.

Written by: Stephanie Clawson