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Students Join Clubs to Build Resumes and Be Involved

Drama club meets Sept. 21.
Clubs- the perfect college resume builder? In order to have the greatest chance of getting accepted into college, an application needs to shine in some way.  Being in school activities can help.“Being in school activities shows that students have a higher grade rate, better attendance, and a higher GPA,” activities director Dave Witter said.73 percent of students in high school are involved in clubs, and or sports, according to Witter.

“It looks good on a resume and it’s a good organization to be in,” senior Emily Halliday said.  Halliday is involved in DECA, FBLA, and cheerleading.

“I think you learn more when you’re in a club,” Halliday said. “Especially in marketing when you compete.”

Other benefits, include club membership, time management, goal setting, and people skills.

“The more you’re involved with people the easier it is to get into a college,” Witter said.

Students are allowed to be in as many school activities they want to be in.

“Most students use participation in school activities to enhance their college resume,” Witter said.

The most unique clubs, according to Witter, are the vegetarian club and the meat-eaters club.  Howell has over 40 various clubs and school activities, each designed to meet peculiar student interests.

Some students, like sophomore Kayla Schieffer, join a variety of clubs to be involved in school. Schieffer is in FBLA, Student Council, Viking Way, Viking Edge, Principal’s Advisory Council, Viking Flagship, and is also president of her sophomore class.

“I’m in so many clubs because I think it helps me feel more involved in school and it makes me feel like I have a say in what goes on,” Schieffer said.

Those interested in starting a club, can form one by verifying at least 10 students are interested, identifying a willing sponsor or teacher, and writing a constitution.  The application can be submitted to STUCO, where it must be approved.

“Student activities are great opportunities to develop leadership skills, cooperation, and teamwork,” Witter said.


Written by: Hanna Erba