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Spruill Aims For Olympics

Instead of swimming the final lap, racing down a mountain, or running the last hundred meters in a relay, senior Corey Spruill is shooting clay pigeons out of the sky.

Spruill participates in the international sport of trap shooting, a common Olympic and recreational sport. Spruill has been trap shooting for six years. He started off competing in regular competitions.

Photo Courtesy of Corey Spruil

“I got started in the shooting sports six years ago when a scout leader asked me to go with a venture crew one night to shoot in the trap league at Olin in East Alton, IL.  This became a weekly event during every spring and fall season for the next several years,” Spruill said.

After participating in regular competitions, Spruill decided he wanted to become more serious about his trap shooting. His parents bought him a Browning shotgun more suited for target shooting. He joined the Gateway Clubsters and has been shooting with them for the past three seasons.

“I shot only American trap during my first year on the team with good success shooting alongside other Claybuster teammates from Frances Howell to finish third in the state high school competition,” Spruill said.

At the beginning of Spruill’s second year of shooting with Claybusters team, his coach encouraged him to branch out and try competing in international competitions.

“I had more success as an individual during my second year, winning a few small titles at the state level in sporting clays and trap and competing at my first international match in Cincinnati,” Spruill said.

Following his Cincinnati competition, he then went to the Missouri National Trap Championship, then the National Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs.

“In Colorado, our squad took the silver medal at the Scholastic Clay Target Progam International Trap Championship,” Spruill said.

Spruill is slowly moving up the ladder when it comes to his shooting success. Spruill recently was selected for Scholastic Clay Target Program. This is an honor for any shooter to receive.

“This spring I was selected to be a national ambassador for the SCTP which is the largest youth shooting organization in the United States. This is a great opportunity to network with other shooters and industry representatives from across the country,” Spruill said.

Spruill also competed in his very first shoot-off earlier this year, which is a competition where shooters compete in shooting ranges and compete for titles.

“I was also proud to finish first overall in the junior class in 2011,” Spruill said.

Photo Courtesy of Corey Spruil.

By working hard and staying dedicated, Spruill plan to accomplish his goals.

“I gave up a lot of what you call ‘play time’ this summer just to keep practicing and go to competitions,” Spruill said.

Spruill’s successes have driven him to places where he didn’t know he could go.

“These achievements gave me new motivation and desire to set my goals even higher by planning to one day become a member of the USA Shooting National team and represent the United States at World Cup matches; and if all goes well, possibly the 2016 Olympic Games,” Spruill said.

Spruill hopes to qualify for the 2016 Olympics. His coach has encouraged him to take on the challenge. His parents dedication was his motivation.

“I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been without all of the support from my parents, team, and coaches, along with the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Missouri Trapshooters Association and White Flyer Targets. The Claybuster Organization has provided the environment that has allowed me to develop to my full potential as a shooter,” Spruill said.

“I love clay busting,” Spruill said.

“It’s a passion of mine and always will be,” Spruill said.