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Price of prom overwhelms students


Written by: Lauren Carmellini

For juniors and seniors, prom is a night that is second to none, yet when everything adds up prom gets pretty pricey.

“My dress was around $420. I’ll probably spend close to $200 on my hair, $30 for accessories, and about $75 for shoes,” senior Melody Fisher said.

Prom may be one night, but girls plan to go all out. After all purchases made for prom, girls can easily spend anywhere from $400 to $700.

“I think its definitely worth the money. It’s one night, twice in high school that we can get all made up to enjoy a special night,” Fisher said.

For enjoying one night, the prices aren’t exactly the cheapest.

“For my dress it was $319, my hair will be around $70, and for accessories and shoes it’ll be almost another hundred,” junior Madison Johnson said.

“Prom is for sure worth the money even though it is just one night and I cant wait to do it again next year!” Johnson added.

Not only does prom get expensive for the girls, but guys have a hefty bill as well. A tux can range from $150 to $200. Guys also seem to get stuck with buying tickets, which are $60 a person. Senior Austin Hughes will spend around $350 all together. When the transportation is added in the number skyrockets.

“Spending a lot on prom seems reasonable since its something special to look forward to. It wouldn’t be as important if everyone kept it casual,” Hughes said.

For the students who do have to pay their own way for prom, any way to save money is welcomed.

“It’s nice knowing I can cross off buying accessories on my list since my mom makes jewelry,” senior Madison Catalano said.

Some might also have the advantage of using things from parents or siblings, such as using an older sister’s dress or old accessories. Guys might be able to borrow a tux from dad’s closet.

“It’ll help that my sister went to beauty school and I can use the extra money from not getting my hair done to spend on my dress, shoes, or accessories,” senior Maddie Steiner said.

Most spend a lot because prom only happens once.

“I think prom is definitely worth the money because I have a job and I work for the money I spend,” junior Alisen Ratowski said.

“Prom better be money well spent, this year I’m going to three,” junior Kristen Collier said.

While Collier enjoys prom enough to go to three, others only stay for a few hours of one prom.

“If you spend a lot of money on prom or go to other proms, you should stay the majority of the time. It’s dumb that people go to stay for an hour,” Collier said.