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Recycling suffers from lack of parking passes


Written by: Zachary Bayer

Recycling bins overflow because no one picks them up after school.  School administrators decided parking passes could no longer be given out for being in SAFE Club. Thus SAFE ended after school recycling.

“I was very angered by the situation and don’t understand it,” club member Dean McDonnell said. He finds himself, along with other club members, in the sticky parking situation.

Not having a parking pass makes it harder on the club members because now, after a semester of parking, they don’t have the freedom to come and leave school as they wish.

“It is a bad situation. I got my parking pass taken away and have to find a ride everyday,” member Sam Jenkins said.

Some students now ride the bus if they can’t find a ride and club members do not want to ride the bus.

“That would suck if I had to ride the bus to school, especially with me being a junior,” Jenkins said.

The club used to meet two days after school for 15 minutes and recycle.

“All we do is gather recycling bins from the classrooms and dump them into the big recycling dumpsters,” Jenkins said.

Now science classes interrupt class time to attend to the overflowing recycling bins. Club members feel there is nothing they can do.

“No one has met with the principals yet and no one plans to,” McDonnell said.

Yet some students want to address the issue of space in the parking lots.

“The problem is every morning there are tons of open parking spaces. I don’t see why they can’t hand out more passes since there are clearly open spots. It’s just very frustrating to see spots that my car could be parked in,” Jenkins said.

So members feel after the morning commute arrivals there are empty spots that SAFE Club members could have.

Without parking, members feel the club’s survival will not last much longer.

“It will disband, because no one is getting a parking pass.” Jenkins said.

“The club will disappear because no one cares about recycling paper at school.”  McDonnell said.