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Blackpink “Kill This Love” Review

May 19, 2019

Blackpink Kill This Love Review

Kpop girl group Blackpink released their third album, Kill This Love, April 5, along with the music video for the title track also named “Kill This Love”.

Although the wait between albums was slightly less for fans this time around, the length of time between the groups previous album Square Up was about a year, a time gap that is odd in the kpop community. Furthermore, Blackpink’s albums only contain four songs, so the group only releases four songs a year, disappointing many. Fans were hoping for a longer album this time because they believed Blackpink’s company, YG Entertainment, would have gotten the hint after fans were outraged when they were forced to wait a year for any new content only for the album to be four songs long. Unfortunately for Blackpink fans, they did not get want they wanted.

Besides the disappointment of the amount of new content, fans were still fairly pleased with what they got. “Kill This Love” followed Blackpink’s other title tracks, “Ddu-ddu-du” and “Boombayah” with a powerful beat and a darker tone to the music video. “Kill This Love” also provided some new sound within Blackpink’s style as they messed around with a big band style to underline their beat. The song was filled with various brass instruments that added to the songs impactfulness. “Don’t Know What To Do” reigned back after “Kill This Love” and featured a more upbeat, lighter tone as they went back to the typical EDM/pop infusion that is seen in kpop. Then “Kick It” maintains the chiller vibes from “Don’t Know What To Do” as it switches back and forth from a more acoustic sound and a slower EDM beat. Finally, “Hope Not” slows the album down for a more ballad style song with rock elements making up the composition of the song.

Even with some backlash from fans towards YG Entertainment over what was not produced, Blackpink managed to please their fans with what they did produce.

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