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Cosmic Girls “WJ Please?” Review

October 7, 2018


Kpop group Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN) had a comeback Sept. 19, releasing their fifth mini album WJ Please?.

The music video that came along with the album was for the title track, “Save Me, Save You”. Following the twelve members as they seemingly attend a school for magic, the music video takes on a cult kind of vibe. The members are seen making pacts with each other and doing magic in secret, while the settings all have a darker tone to them. Throughout the music video, the lighting was kept brighter close to the members as it continually got darker the further from it got from the girls. Contrast was also kept throughout the video since the girls’ outfits were always the opposite of the background. If the scene behind them had lighter colors such as beige, the members wore mostly black clothing; if the background was mostly black, the members wore light blues and pinks.

Being the first track, “Save Me, Save You” starts off the album with a sound that’s reminiscent of 80’s arcade music. The intro of the song is heavily techno, but then the verses and choruses add a stronger beat that tunes out a bit of the techno. Although the beat balances the techno out, there are still prominent aspects of the song that remind the listener of a video game, such as techno riffs. Following “Save Me, Save You”, “You, You, You” continues with the arcade/video game sound, but has brighter tone than the previous song. The beat is also stronger, and the tempo is faster than “Save Me, Save You”. Moving into a ballad, “I-Yah” mixes the techno sound with a ballad style that gives the song an interesting and unique sound. “Masquerade” fits its name as it follows a waltz time signature and a carnival type of vibe that transitions into a pop sound that still follows the theme. Then, “Hurry Up” falls into a jazz style with brass instruments making up the fast-tempoed melody. Finally, “You and I” goes back to the original techno sound but in a ballad format.

Cosmic Girls produced an album with many unique and different sounds for their fifth comeback.

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