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Oh My Girl “Remember Me” Review

October 4, 2018


Kpop girl group Oh My Girl released their sixth mini album, Remember Me, Sept. 10 along with a music video for the title song of the same name.

“Remember Me” starts off with a heavy, dark synth base that contrasts Oh My Girl’s typically light, pop sound, but once the song hits the pre-chorus the brighter tones appear giving fans the sound that they’re used to. The base and the contrasting tones makes the song interesting and something new in the kpop scene. The music video fits along with the group’s usual style of music videos with brighter colors and many different sets, although the style theme for “Remember Me” seems to dip into a retro style with older cars, furniture, and technology.

“Echo” also provides kpop with some new sounds with a slower funky beat that gives the song a tropical kind of vibe, but completely drops out during the pre-choruses as Mimi raps meanwhile the beat is strongly present throughout the rest of the song. The tropical vibe matches with an aspect of the music video since one of the sets is a tropical island, creating an unique tie between “Remember Me” and “Echo”. The next song on the album, “Twilight”, continues with the retro, synth beat that is reminiscent of the genres of music produced in the 80’s and 90’s, yet still has the essence of modern EDM music. During the chorus, the mixture of the beat, melody, and lyrics has listeners unable to keep their heads from moving. “Illusion” changes to a more ballad type of song as the main source of the beat is a piano and the members make their vocals softer than the previous songs on the album. The song also has a slower tempo with a softer melody. The last song, “Our Story”, goes fully into the ballad genre as the song slows down the album, and the melody becomes more present than the beat. Although the song is fairly different from the rest of the album, it keeps the same sound in the sense that “Our Story” sounds like a ballad that would’ve been popular in the 80’s.

Oh My Girl gave their fans an interesting comeback as they delivered a throwback to the 80’s with how they produced their album.

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