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GOT7 “Present: You” Review

September 25, 2018


Kpop group, GOT7, released their seventh album Present: You Sept. 17 along with a music video for the title track “Lullaby”.

Following their most recent sound, “Lullaby” is of an EDM pop style. The music video shifts back and forth from focusing on the group choreography and the members discovering all the impossible things that can happen while one is asleep. From driving flying cars to being on a planet made of books to waking up in an oasis, the video included many interesting sets. A nice contrast between black-and-white sets and bright colorful sets was also present throughout the video. Showing their diversity, GOT7 added an English, Chinese, Spanish, and instrumental version of “Lullaby” on the album.

On Present: You, each member also got their own solo song. “Sunrise”, JB’s solo song, showcases his beautiful vocals as he sings about how his love is his universe with an EDM, R&B sound. Mark’s solo track, “OMW”, features a house-like sound as he raps about how he’s doing everything for his dream and he’s not giving up. Taking on a more hip-hop rap sound, Jackson’s solo song is similar to Mark’s in the sense that he’s rapping about how hard he’s work to get to where he is. Shifting back to the vocalists, Jinyoung’s solo track, “My Youth”, comes next. It’s a soft rock ballad about how you’re your own hero when you were a kid and how much he wants to go back to that time. Youngjae’s song, “Nobody Knows” goes back to the EDM style with another ballad as he sings about how nobody knows about the lonely and dark side of him. “Party”, BamBam’s song, changes up the tone again with an EDM song that has a strong beat and funky undertones to it. He spends the song convincing his romantic interest to relax and have fun all night. Lastly, Yugyeom’s solo track, “Fine”, was interestingly set in the minor key and was a slow R&B song with a strong beat that allows him to focus on his speciality when performing: dancing.

Other tracks on the album include: “Enough”, “I’ll Protect You”, “No One Else”, and “I Am Me”.

GOT7 pleased both their audiences and themselves by staying true to their sound yet experimenting with they like individually.

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