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SHINee “The Story of Light” Review

September 24, 2018


World famous kpop group, SHINee, released a music video for their song “Countless” that’s on their newest album The Story of Light Sept. 10.

The group made all their fans emotional as they released the music video on International Suicide Prevention Day as a tribute to their member Jonghyun, who committed suicide Dec. 18, 2017. The music video itself though wasn’t sad, but was instead uplifting. There video featured all the members standing together majority of the time along with lots of bright blues and yellows. “Countless” focuses on being in the moment during the relationship, not calculating when the other shoe will drop.

“Good Evening” is another song off of The Story of Light that has a music video. The video consisted of the members hanging around in a studio and a filming set while they performed parts of their choreography to the song. Interesting effects were used as well including making the members floating through nothing and having a paint-like liquid run down their faces and bodies that showed parts of a different set. The lyrics of “Good Evening” are about racing against the darkness to reach the person you love.

“Our Page” is a tribute to Jonghyun and the members express their grief and sadness yet they say that their story isn’t over “until the end”. The music video shows the members going through what their day-to-day lives without him and at the end, they all gather on a platform where five microphones stand. One left open for Jonghyun.

The album as a whole has an EDM pop sound that most of the time takes on a bright tone. “I Want You” also has a music video much like “Countless” featuring a bright color scheme with the group’s choreography. Other tracks on the album are “All Day All Night”, “Chemistry”, “Electric”, “Who Waits For Love”, “I Say”, “Retro”, “Drive”, “Undercover”, “JUMP”, “Tonight”, “You and I”, and “Lock You Down”.

SHINee’s comeback was much need for fans as it showed that even though they were faced with a major tragedy they are still together and are producing music.


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