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Day6 “Beautiful Feeling” and “Shoot Me” Review

September 24, 2018

Day6 Beautiful Feeling and Shoot Me Review

Day6 released a lyric video for their song “Beautiful Feeling”  Sept. 9 after their hit kpop album Shoot Me: Youth Part 1.

The lyric video is done in an old-school 80’s style fashion where edited lines and dots are placed on the screen, and under the lyrics are polaroids and film strips of pictures of the members performing at various concerts. “Beautiful Feeling” has a soft, acoustic sound and focuses on the all the reasons that the band has fallen in love with someone. The band emphasizes that even though “Right now, this song seems like many other songs” they still want to “sing this feeling right now”.

“Beautiful Feeling” is in major contrast to Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 especially the title track, “Shoot Me”, that has a dark, heavy rock sound. Both the music video and the lyrics of “Shoot Me” preach that words can hurt like a gunshot. Following Day6’s typical music video style, the shots go back and forth between the band playing and a story that follows the message they are trying to send. “Shoot Me” focuses on a couple fighting in a restaurant and whenever something hurtful is said, the restaurant explodes into a war scene with bullets flying everywhere. The edits also incorporated slow-mo and strobe light effects that matched in perfect time with the music.

The album as a whole focuses on the dangers and struggles of navigating being in a relationship. Day6 keeps their unique rock base for their music that isn’t seen in the kpop scene but is popular with western kpop fans. “Warning” and “Shoot Me” have the same darker tones to them meanwhile “Still” takes on Day6’s signature softer yet sad tones. “Somehow”, “Feeling Good”, and “Talking To” all have a brighter tone to them that shows off the more fun side of the band.

While not hugely popular in Korea, Day6 fought their way on the charts and pleased their western kpop audiences with Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 and their new release “Beautiful Feeling”.


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