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Bigbang “Made” Review

August 24, 2018


World famous kpop group, Bigbang are going on one last tour performing their Made album before their official hiatus begins for South Korea’s mandatory two-year military service.

Bigbang released Made Dec. 12, 2016 after three years since their last release Alive. The album caused the group’s following called VIPs and their fame to grow. Made up of eleven tracks, Made pleased fans and showed that Bigbang are still considered the “kings of kpop”.

“Fxxk It” starts off the album with a EDM pop track that has a relaxed beat during the verses but picks up in the pre-chorus and chorus. The music video shows the Bigbang members just hanging out and having fun with each other doing things such as riding a five-person bicycle and creating a dog pile on group member T.O.P. Slowing things down, “Last Dance” sobers the mood as Bigbang sings about falling out of love, being alone, and wanting to have one last moment with the person you love. The members are all separated in the music video in various rundown places and scenes where the world is passing by them as they remain still. Clips of what made Bigbang happy and what they no longer have are interwoven within the video. “Girlfriend” transitions into a soft rock song about having a girlfriend who’s always there and helps them through their struggles.

The music video for “Let’s Not Fall In Love”, another slower but happier song about the nervousness going into a relationship, features all the Bigbang members each on a date with a girl and enjoying their time together. “Loser” voices Bigbang’s fears of being and becoming nobody calling themselves “sad clowns” and “dirty trash”. The music video takes a dark turn with T.O.P. killing his girlfriend, Daesung being beaten and left in the street, G-Dragon laying down in the middle of a busy intersection, Taeyang curled up in an alley clutching a cross, and Seungri getting into a major fight with his girlfriend.

Returning to the EDM pop sound, “Bae Bae” switches the tone back to a lighter one. The music video produces a whimsical “Alice In Wonderland” vibe with bright colors, strange sets, and outrageous outfits. Keeping the same EDM pop style, “Bang Bang Bang” provides many beat changes from the verse to the pre-chorus, the pre-chorus to the chorus, and then from the bridge to the last chorus. Bigbang decided to make the music video a little more Westernized than their typical videos including many female dancers and club scenes. “Sober” gives a very light-hearted and carefree feel as the Bigbang members mess around in fields, work places, and jump around on mattresses. “If You” goes back to the heavier, sadder tone as the members sing about losing someone you love and regretting the decisions you made with them.

“Zutter” switches to a hip-hop track featuring only the rappers of Bigbang, T.O.P. and G-Dragon. Lastly, “We Like 2 Party” brings back the EDM pop genre and is another lighter, carefree song and the  music video shows all the members having fun together through their daily lives.

All in all, Made was pleasant surprise and treat after three years of no new content from Bigbang. Since Bigbang was able to come back after three years bigger than ever, fans have hope that they can return after their hiatus for their military duties.

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