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Stray Kids “I Am Not” Review

April 25, 2018


Kpop group Stray Kids had their debut on Mar 26 with their second album I Am Not following their pre-debut album Mixtape.

The group was formed under JYP Entertainment through a reality tv show called Stray Kids. The show put Stray Kids and another group from JYP against each other to see who would debut first. Stray Kids won the show and managed to keep all nine members even after Minho and Felix were eliminated. After the tv show, Stray Kids put out Mixtape along with with three music videos for “Hellevator”, “Grr”, and “Spread My Wings”. Even with the album and the music videos, JYP didn’t officially have Stray Kids debut.

Keeping their sound and vibe from Mixtape, I Am Not is an EDM influenced album with a darker tone. Title song “District 9” showcases the group’s typical style with a heavy beat, EDM choruses, rap verses, and vocal pre-choruses. The music video has a dystopian affect. All the members are wearing bright white in contrast to the dark colors of the environment around them. The members are seen escaping from an asylum-like building onto a bus as they break through a glass encasing into the real word.

One of the more softer songs, “Grow Up”, mixes up the tone to a more light hearted feel. The music video is much brighter with softer colors and tones. Stray Kids spend the music video in various places alone until the end where they all come together in a touching sense of being there for each other.

The music video for “Mirror” was released on April 22, going back to the tone and style of “District 9”. The music video contained the group performing the dance to the song in an abandoned warehouse, and was produced in black and white. The choreography had some interesting formations where two members stood in the middle of the others and mirrored each other matching the name of the song.

As Stray Kids’ fan base continues to grow with their debut, JYP Entertainment becomes more hopeful that they have created another successful group.

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