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CLC “Black Dress” Review

February 26, 2018


Kpop girl group, CLC, had a very important comeback Feb. 22, dropping their seventh EP (extended play), Black Dress.

With rumors and speculation that their company will disband the group if this comeback doesn’t do well, the pressure was on for CLC and their fans. The group has had an unfortunate time trying to hold onto fans since their company, Cube Entertainment, changes their concept with every comeback. People become fans liking one side of the group only to have it change months later. With their careers riding on this comeback, CLC rose to the occasion delivering a trending, catchy title song with an eye pleasing music video.

“Black Dress” itself is an upbeat, EDM song that incorporates the group’s skills of rapping and singing. The track follows the current trend of little to no lyrics in the chorus and instead focuses on the catchy beat, leaving the few lines of the chorus stuck in your head. The song also gives off a darker tone with its heavy bass influence. The music video mixes together aesthetic color palettes, hypnotizing backgrounds, and many outfit changes that allow the viewers eyes to always have something pleasing to look at. The content of the video itself switches between showing the group dance and seeing the group members in various spots and situations in the illusion-like setting.

“Like That” and “To the Sky” follow “Black Dress” in being faster-paced, catchy EDM tracks. “Distance” still has the EDM influence but has a much slower tempo that calms down the beat but still allowing it to be catchy. Finally, “7th” leaves the EDM category and produces an acoustic sound that leaves a relaxed tone that flows with the lyrics.

CLC and kpop fans alike are hoping that Black Dress does well on the charts, sales, and competition shows so no one will have to see these talented girls go.

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