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Red Velvet “Peek-A-Boo” Review

November 29, 2017


On Nov. 17, kpop girl group Red Velvet released their fifth album Perfect Velvet along with the music video for the title track, “Peek-A-Boo”.  

Red Velvet has an interesting concept with the sounds of their music because there are two sides. There’s the “red” side that has a more upbeat, pop feel, and then there’s the “velvet” side where the songs are much slower and feature the vocals of the members. The difference between the two are very prominent when listening to the group’s second album The Red and their third album The Velvet.

“Peek-A-Boo” kicks off the album with the “red” side incorporating an EDM beat as the girls show off their rapping and singing skills. The music video gives off a creepy, mysterious vibe as the groups is seen kidnapping a pizza delivery guy. Little things like a room filled with various pizza delivery restaurant shirts and a missing-persons poster filled with pictures of pizza delivery guys has fans theorizing and playing with the idea of Red Velvet being serial killers.

“Look” and “I Just” fit more under the “velvet” side with a slower beat and an overall relaxing feel to the songs. Keeping the “velvet” feel, “Kingdom Come” has a very smooth tone with the members voices showcasing their harmonies. “My Second Date” brings the sound back to the “red” side with a pop beat and rapping coming back into the music. Then “Attaboy” really picks up the pace with a hip-hop sound but right after that “Perfect 10” slows everything back down again. “About Love” walks the line of both sides being a slower song but still having a strong beat present and Red Velvet’s vocals don’t quite slip into the “velvet” side. Lastly, “Moonlight Melody” closes the album on the “velvet” side with a slow, soft song.

Overall, Red Velvet pleased many fans with an engaging music video and by mixing both of their sounds together to create Perfect Velvet.

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