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Underrated Albums: If You Wait

September 20, 2017


In 2012, English indie band from Nottingham rose to the surface. It wasn’t until early 2013, that their debut single, Metal & Dust was released. And in late 2013, their debut album, If You Wait dropped. With approximately 2,298,870 monthly listeners on Spotify, the alternative band has cultivated a crowd of fans. London Grammar does not fail to tie listeners in with their entrancing music.

Hannah Reids, the main vocals of the band, has a distinct voice; deep and mystical. Reids contributes to the band’s dark, enchanting feel with her powerful voice. She also has wrote many of London Grammar’s songs

If You Wait’s more popular songs are “Strong and “Hey Now”. Both songs are laid back and melodramatic. They’re ballads that go from a soft, introspective mood to a strong enchanting melody of overcoming obstacles.

“Strong” is coated in personal messages from the lead singer, Hannah Reids childhood.

“And a lion, a lion, roars would you not listen? If a child, a child cries would you not forgive them?”The song hints towards her childhood of her emotionally abusive father and his neglect towards her. She explains she “might seem so strong” but “she’s never been so wrong” The song contributes to the record’s eery vibe whilst giving you a deeper look into the singer-songwriter’s life.

“Hey Now” is a softer song compared “Strong”

“Hey now, Letters burning by my bed for you. Hey now, I can feel my instincts here for you”The song paints a picture of a girl who has a thousand things to say to someone through letters, but watches them burn by her bed. Figuratively speaking, she has so many things to say to this someone but just can’t quite say it, so instead, watches her words turn to dust and ash, alone by her bed.

If You Wait is an album packed with figurative and literal deep messages waiting to be discovered. Make sure to also check out “Wasting My Young Years”, “Nightcall” and “Shyer.

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