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B.A.P “Honeymoon” Review

September 13, 2017

Popular kpop artists B.A.P. released a music video for “Honeymoon”, a part of their newest EP, Sept. 5.

The EP, called Blue, features three songs all with a more relaxed feel: “Honeymoon”, “All the Way Up”, and “Rewind”. “Honeymoon” has an acoustic sound but with a prominent beat. “All the Way Up” is more of a house music song with a techno sound. Finally, “Rewind” is a soulful song with a slower, jazzier beat.

The music video spends most of it’s shots in an aesthetic field with the members all in white. The other visuals in the music video are of oceans and forests with and without the group members, adding to the overall relaxed feel.

Unfortunately, B.A.P.’s company, TS Entertainment, fell to the cringy, current kpop trend of mullets. Two of the members, Himchan and Jongup, have mullets for this comeback.

Although the styling choice is questionable, B.A.P. has had four albums on Billboard’s World Albums chart. Warrior hit number ten in 2012, Power also came in at number 10 also in 2012, One Shot was ranked number one in 2013, and First Sensibility topped the chart in 2014.

The group continued to rank on top charts while going through many scheduling conflicts. Group leader, Yongguk, went on a four month hiatus due to anxiety and other mental health issues. For his first comeback after the hiatus, B.A.P. released the album Rose, which features songs about mental health issues and tears down “perfect societies” calling them all illusions.

The group put together Blue while members Daehyun and Jongup were promoting their solo careers and while the group was on a worldwide tour. B.A.P. has proved time and time again that they deserve their popularity and recognition.

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