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Underrated Albums: Digital Druglord

April 20, 2018

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Underrated Albums: Digital Druglord

Matthew Musto, better known as blackbear, is a singer, songwriter, and producer. His career started out in the Florida-based rock band Polaroid. After deciding to leave the band, he went to pursue his own solo hip hop, R&B, and soul influenced career.

Starting with EPs such as Drink Bleach and Cashmere Noose,  Musto was making his plan happen undertaken by the nickname blackbear to make his music. One of his big breaks was co-writing Justin Bieber’s massively popular hit “Boyfriend”.

From then he has released albums such as Help and Deadroses through the years. After those came his second to most recent album Digital Druglord released early 2017. The album includes 10 tracks at a total of 32 minutes.

The album includes slow, in-your-feels songs like “if i could i would feel nothing” to hardcore, resonant bops like “do re mi”. A unique and diverse sound is constructed over the course of the album that is almost indescribable. There is no song that sounds like the other, and this shows his creativity as an artist.

Songs that are not to miss are “chateau”, “moodz” ft. 24Hrs, “juicy sweatsuits”, “i miss the old u”, “double”, wish u the best”, and “hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone”. Basically the whole album because each song is beautifully produced. If Digital Druglord comes up in your music, don’t skip because your ears will regret it.

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