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2018 Mr. Viking

Senior Ganon Evans isn’t leading Mr. Viking this year. He is competing.

“I look forward to getting to know my competitors this year and make friendships that will last for a long time,” Evans said. “I want to be serious but funny. I think that will really draw the crowd to me. I want to utilize all the time I have on the stage.”

Mr. Viking isn’t just for the people who are representing different clubs, it’s to represent the Vikings and school spirit. Senior Jake Conrad is competing.

“I plan to be personable and make the audience feel like they know me by the end of the night,” Conrad said.

Mr. Viking occurs Feb 24. Senior Anthony Giacalone is one of the organizers.

“We have many days we meet and choreograph the guy’s talents,” Giacalone said.

Giacalone is also involved in making a video and a program to introduce the guys to the school and audience on the night of the event.

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