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Courtship Album Review

Coming from the sunny state of California, alternative synth-pop duo, courtship. brings those California vibes to life with their music. Having only released singles so far, the duo has been able to tour with The Wombats as well as starting another tour with Passion Pit.

Their first single, “Stop for Nothing”, which was released on Aug. 15, 2016, starts off with a catchy bass and drum line before the vocals are brought in. Vocalist, Micah Gordon, brings a sort of relaxed vibe to the beginning of the song before quickly picking up to the upbeat and fun chorus. Throughout the chorus, there’s an energetic guitar paired with a rhythmic drum which pair with the vocals.

The duo’s second single, “Love For Everyone”, was released later that year on Nov. 15. The song begins with calm synth keyboard, a guitar being added to the mix before the vocals start. In the pre-chorus, the guitar dies down while soft snapping and maracas replace it. The chorus quickly jumps back in with the synth, but this time making it sound like trumpets are playing. The rest of the songs continues with this happy beat before quieting down for the verses.

Their next single, “Sunroof”, was able to reach 94 thousand views on YouTube since it was used in one of SnapChat’s campaigns. The advertisement shows a group of girls on a road trip while “Sunroof” is playing over the video. The song perfectly encompasses what ‘road-trip’ music sounds like; happy, fun, and energetic. The song starts off with their typically synth keyboard along with a catchy drum line. This continues throughout the song, a guitar being introduced in the chorus that later carries on with the rest of the song.

In 2017, courtship. came back with the release of their song, “Sail Away”. The song starts off with clapping before a strummy bass line and rhythmic drum are introduced along with the vocals. Before the chorus starts, the music dies down and it’s just the vocals and soft clapping that’s heard prior to a very energetic synth being introduced into the chorus. This catchy synth continues throughout the rest of the song along with a fun drum beat.

The next time the duo released a song was on Jun. 21, 2017, that song being “Perfect People”. The song begins with rhythmic bass and drum line along with a strummy guitar playing softly in the background. The pre-chorus takes those bass and drum lines down and brings in happy lyrics along with soft clapping. At the chorus, the bass and drum lines pick back up and tie the song together.

Their most recent release was shared on Sept. 12, 2017, “Tell Me Tell Me”. The song begins with a fun, beach vibe guitar rift leading up to the vocals. The song continues with a happy vibe, the lyrics having an innocent sound to them as the songs about asking someone out.

Overall, courtship. is an up and coming band full of potential. Though they don’t have an EP or an album out, the duo is definitely someone to watch out for in the near future.

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