Military After High School

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After the cap and gown graduation ceremony, some students will head to basic military training instead of college. Senior Kameron Sullivan is considering the National Guard and junior Turner Grzybinski is certain he is going to the Army.

Not paying for college doesn’t mean they don’t have to prepare, however both students have been studying for the ASVAB test, which military enlistees take to determine which jobs within the military they will qualify for.

“I’ve also been doing a lot of running to try to get in shape and ready for the Army,” Grzybinski said.

There are more 800 different jobs in the various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces that enlistees can choose from.

“I want to be a personal trainer,” Sullivan said. “I would get to help decide who passes their fitness test and who doesn’t.”

Grzybinski is still weighing his options.

“I either want to be a military police officer or join the infantry,” Grzybinski said. “I’m leaning towards the police, but it depends what I score on my ASVAB.”

Service in the military doesn’t last forever. Once honorably discharged, veterans often use military benefits to help pay for college.

“I plan on using the military to help pay for law school,” Grzybinski said. “I hope to become a lawyer afterwards.”

Sullivan plans to continue in the fitness field.  

“After the military, I want to open my own gym and be a personal trainer,” Sullivan said.

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