Domino’s vs. Papa John’s


The new school year has brought some changes in the lunchroom. Some of which include which way you can enter the lunchroom to buy food, no backpacks in the cafeteria, and pizza Monday’s and Friday’s. In the past years, it has been tradition to have Papa John’s on these two days of the week.

Lately, there has been a slight change to the menu. Some of the pizza days are Domino’s and not Papa John’s, and this is causing some confusion since it’s typically always Papa John’s.

“I’m not sure why they don’t just pick one instead of having both,” senior Erik Wiggins said.

It would make more sense to just pick a brand and stick with it. There is an uncertainty on Monday’s and Friday’s when it’s time for lunch. You don’t know which one the cafeteria will end up serving, and it can frustrating when they don’t serve the pizza you enjoy.

“I would rather have Papa John’s than Domino’s. I don’t really like when they serve Domino’s,” senior Max Giesmann said.

Unfortunately, it’s a hit or miss with your pizza preferences. You just have to hope that the cafeteria is serving the pizza you like best. If not, it can be disappointing.