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Why “The Office” Shouldn’t be Rebooted

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Declare 2018 as the year of the reboot.

Many television shows- including Roseanne, American Idol, Will and Grace, Fuller House, and Charmed- are all in the works of rebooting on television this year. Although many fans are eagerly anticipating the revival of some of TV’s most popular shows, thousands of hardcore fans of the Emmy-winning show “The Office” are excited for the possibility to see their favorite iconic TV characters on the screen, from Dwight and Kelly to beloved Jim and Pam.

While the idea of getting new episodes of one of America’s most favorite shows sounds like a good thing on paper, a revival would ruin the magic of the show that has continued to enchant viewers years after its finale.

“The Office”, first debuting in 2005, ran until its ninth season and ended in 2013. While many fans still binge-watch and enjoy the show on their Netflix accounts, the show definitely lost some of its allure after lead Steve Carell left the show in its seventh season.

Despite its rockier last two seasons, “The Office” continues to draw audiences due to its lighthearted comedy and the relationships between its characters. The show perfects a perfect blend of laughs while spritzing in emotional storylines that readers are drawn to- something that is nearly impossible for many shows to replicate and perfect.

Many of the jokes and topics in “The Office”, especially in the earlier seasons, would face a lot more backlash in society in 2018; sexual harassment and racism have been very divisive topics in society in recent years. These jokes-some even borderline inappropriate- would offend a lot more people in 2018. A revival would only survive if audiences found it as funny as they did years ago, but these topics also pose the risk for going too far.

Finally, because Carell left the series in the last few seasons, it’s safe to say that Carell probably wouldn’t return for a potential revival. Many fans refuse to acknowledge that the rocky last two seasons even exist- and rightfully so. Without the return of Carell, the reboot definitely would not be as hysterical as it was for the first six seasons.

Although the reboot hasn’t been officially confirmed as a go, producers should not attempt to replicate the admired series that fans will continue to binge-watch for years to come.

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Why “The Office” Shouldn’t be Rebooted