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2016-2017 Staff

Bryce Clemons

Staff Writer

I joined publications because I enjoy writing and like knowing what is happening at Howell.

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Corey Osburg

Staff Writer

I joined publications mainly because I like photography and the media. I enjoy knowing what's going on outside of my own life and I highly respect media presence in the world.

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Shelby Odle


I joined Publications my sophomore year, not knowing just how much of an impact it would have. I started out as a regular staff writer, moved up to Editor Elect my junior year, and am now Editor in Chief for my senior year. I...

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Annie Sudhakaran

Photographer/ Staff Writer

I joined publications because I was interested in photography and I wanted to take a class where I could learn about it. Yearbook just happened to be the class that I picked.

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Kaitlin Truong


I joined publications because my sister loved the class and I decided to try it out since she loved it so much. Which it comes to find out, I love the class just as much!

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Jamesia Henderson

Photo Editor

I'm excited to enter my second year on staff, and as the new photo editor. I am glad I get the chance to further my knowledge in photography.

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Alyssa Juris

Website / Social Media Editor

Since I have joined Publications staff, I have learned so much about myself as a journalist. I have been able to meet people who share a similar passion as me, and have pushed me into the journalist I am today. I am excited to...

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Madison Geil

Staff Writer

I enjoy writing and editing, and I wanted to be involved with making the yearbook, which is something everyone enjoys looking at each year.

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Brooke Watkins

Co-Yearbook Editor

I was looking for another elective to take, and Shelby recommended yearbook. I've always loved writing, so I thought why not. I instantly fell in love with the staff, and the idea of telling the student's stories. It's such a...

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Ezekial Dallah


I took photojournalism, and found a new passion for photography. I wanted to get better at photography so I decided to join publications.

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Kane Katubig

Viking Report Editor

Publications joined me. It's more of a lifestyle than a club or class. It's all about the story and connection with the audience. You can produce an expensive video, with high quality equipment, but honestly it all comes down...

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Faith Jackson


I joined Publications because I love the staff, Dun Dun and all that the class requires to do, stress and all.

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Abbie Campbell


I had an interest in videography so I took journalism II which involved broadcast. I fell in love with being in front of the camera and being able to tell peoples stories in a visual way, so I signed up for Publications.

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Hannah Chisnell

Staff Writer

I enjoy writing, so I signed up for journalism I. I wasn't expecting to enjoy writing this much!

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Hannah Somheil

Staff Writer

I began taking the class journalism I and fell in love with writing. The class opened my eyes to a new future career path. I signed up for publications the following year, and now I would like to pursue a career in journalism.

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Kayla Peterson

Staff Writer

I joined yearbook in the beginning because a friend recommended the class. I discovered a new creative path, I never knew I had. This class gives you a chance to work hard for something and witness it being published. There is...

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Gabriela Gable

Staff Writer

I've always enjoyed writing, and whenever I was looking for writing electives in high school, yearbook was one of the options. I took a risk and joined, and still love the class three years later.

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Trey Parker

Photographer / Staff Writer

I joined Publications because I have a love of story-telling. I believe everybody has a perspective and story to tell and it's our job to tell it.

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Autumn Shrameyer

Photographer/ Staff Writer

I joined Publications because I wanted to work on the yearbook, and be able to say, 'I did that' when it comes out. It's also just something I've always wanted to do, so I joined the staff.

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Kennedy Cooper

Staff Writer

It's my first year working with publications and I can't wait to work with the people that are on staff and help create a unique, memorable yearbook.    

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Jake Conrad

Staff Writer

I joined Yearbook because I enjoy writing. The thrill and satisfaction I get from finishing a story is like nothing else. It also allows me to be more involved in school. In my free time I am the Vice-Prseident of Drama Club,...

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Eli Gastelum


I've had an interest in film for a while, which lead me to my interest in photography. I always wanted to be apart of the yearbook staff, and now that I take photos, I can finally do that. Follow my twitter @gastelum_eli

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Daniel Willbrand


I joined publications because I took Photo Journalism last year, and wanted to continue my interest in photography, and Yearbook was the perfect class. I have a Instagram page with over a thousand followers, if you'd like to check...

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